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  UV Curing Equipment for Solving Your Manufacturing Challenges

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Electro-Lite Corporation is a major supplier of ultraviolet light curing equipment and systems and single part ultraviolet light curing adhesives to the electronics, medical, optical, printed circuit board and general manufacturing industries.


Ultraviolet Curing Equipment Systems

Over the last twenty-five years Electro-Lite Corporation has continuously supported their manufacturing customers with innovative and advanced UV curing eqipment including spot, flood and most recently LED powered ultraviolet light curing technology.

Spot Systems Flood Systems




 LED UV Curing Equipment Systems

Our LED UV Curing Equipment Systems emit a consistent and repeatable output of 2.5 W/cm² @ 365nm. Unlike lamp technology there is no lamp or liquid light guide degradation or UV intensity variability. The lack of liquid light guides and replacement lamps brings to the forefront of UV technology a zero level “cost of ownership”! Available in a hand-held portable battery powered unit or in a multiple output system with up to four available poles.

LED Systems




Ultraviolet Adhesives

Electro-Lite UV curable adhesives represent a new dimension in light curing technology. The UV adhesives are solvent free, containing only reactive components. A highly cross-linked polymeric matrix results on curing without evaporation or the elimination of volatiles. All UV adhesives are 100% reactive systems and were developed to sharpen and maintain the end-user's competitive edge through cost effective parts processing. For designers and manufacturers seeking to automate their bonding, tacking, sealing, potting, coating, or encapsulating process, Electro-Lite is the light curing technology to turn to!




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