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  UV Curing Equipment for Solving Your Manufacturing Challenges



ELC-4009 UV Adhesive Bi-Cure UV/heat (low shrinkage)

ELC-1043F / ELC-1043UF UV Adhesive Low Shrink Bonding and Potting Adhesive

ELC-2508 UV Adhesive Polycarbonate Substrate Potting Compound

ELC-4480 UV Adhesive Structural Bonding of Mixed Materials


ELC-4101 UV Adhesive UV and HEAT CURING

ELC-2728 UV Adhesive UV Curable Epoxy Filler

ELC-3404 UV Adhesives UV Curable Potting Compound

ELC-1045 UV Adhesive UV Plastics Bonder and Conformal Coating


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Bring simple, economic automation to the work bench with the
LED SinglePole UV Spot Curing System