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  UV Curing Equipment for Solving Your Manufacturing Challenges

Flood UV Equipment Systems


Bondwand UV Flood System 81002

The hand-held or bench top mountable Bondwand employs a built-in, variable exposure timer of one, two, and three minute intervals as well as continuous and is an ideal equipment choice for research and low volume production applications. The Bondwand delivers 10mW/cm² of controlled ultraviolet energy at a peak wavelength of 350nm or 450nm.picture

                 Electro-Cure 4001 UV Flood System 81189

The ELC-4001 flood curing system generates greater than 125 mW/cm² of UV energy at a peak wavelength of 290nm, 365nm or 440nm. Its versatile modular design answers industries needs for increased productivity, lower energy costs and an end to pollution emissions. Whether housed in the optional height adjustable curing frame or integrated into an automated manufacturing process its compact design offers a simple solution to high volume production. Lamp Contains Mercury. Manage in accordance with Disposal Laws. See www.lamprecycle.org or call 203-743-4059 picture


                EC-4001 Optional Curing Frame 82039

The curing frame allows the EC-4001 UV Curing System to be used for lab R&D, process development and low volume manufacturing.


Electro-Cure 500 UV Flood Curing Chamber 81432

The EC-500 UV Curing System is a completely contained, operator safe, chambered light exposure system. The system is available at 350nm 450nm or black light at 30 mW/cm². The EC-500 system features a digital countdown programmable timer, power down mode, and an audible end signal. The system also features a clear rotating turntable and clear shelf enclosed in a highly reflective exposure chamber that maximizes completely full exposure.picture

FluoroTek UV Black Light Inspection System 81485

 Similar to the Bodwand in design the hand-held FluoroTek inspection lamp uses a black light to detect fluoresces in adhesives and laminates used for bonding and conformal coating. To assure complete coverage of conformal coatings on boards, catheters or any bond area before curing simply expose the area with the black light.picture


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