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System Integration

To assure the availability of Electro-Lite as a solutions provider to our customer base, Electro-Lite offers a full complement of in-house mechanical services from conveyor systems and pick and place to fully automated systems design. Applying the combination of our Applications Laboratory and the design expertise of our mechanical engineering staff we enable customer solutions in both application and process.

The first step in solving a customer's systems integration challenge is to prove-out the feasibility of UV curing for each process in our Application Laboratory. Once this is completed we work with the customer to design and manufacture a system built to their particular manufacturing process. This unique approach not only saves both time and money; it also enhances thorough and functional design communication while assuring the best production process systems available for the application.

To contact an integrations specialist please call our technical department at 203-743-4059, extension 305.


Electro-Lite Corporation
6 Trowbridge Drive, Bethel, Ct. 06801
Phone: 203-743-4059 • Fax: 203-743-6733

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